Why it’s worth encouraging customer reviews

Getting customers to leave online reviews for your products and services is worth while according to a new survey… but it’s not always easy!

The poll shows that while almost 1 in 5 online shoppers say that checking reviews is one of the most important factors in their purchasing decision, 81% don’t regularly leave reviews themselves.

So the reviews that are posted about your business could affect almost 20% of buying decisions but your best customers may not be helping to persuade others.

The research, by Clutch, found that most of those polled who said they do not regularly leave reviews don’t have time to but another 10% say there is no incentive to do so and 9% said the retailer they use does not accept reviews.

How to get more reviews

If your business does use online reviews then there are some ways that you can boost their use.

The survey found that 23% of reviews are prompted by email marketing and receiving an especially satisfying experience is also likely to produce a response.

Therefore, it’s important to follow up with those that have bought from you online. Ask for a review but give an incentive to do so such as a discount on future purchases or a free draw.

And if you don’t accept reviews because you are concerned about negative feedback, then the poll shows that just 2% of people leave reviews from a negative experience compared to 33% from a particularly good one.

“If any issues arise within that initial use of the product, you can usually remedy the situation and put a stop to anything that might put a damper on positive reviews,” said Dan Scalco, CEO of Digitalux, a digital marketing and SEO agency.



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