Video keeps on soaring online, will reach a new high

There’s no stopping the rise of online video and a new forecast says viewing will hit a new record high this year.

There is no denying that video is hot right now and a new report expects viewing to gain by another 20% in 2017 as mobile devices boost consumption.


Zenith Media says that global viewing of online video will be up from 39.6 minutes per day in 2016 to 47.4 minutes per day this year.

Now, before you divert all your spending to video, a note of caution. These metrics are averages and will include the large share of video viewing which is music videos on YouTube.

Video does work and often produces higher levels of engagement than other media formats. BUT – only do what works for you! If your existing content is delivering, then don’t throw that out.

Maybe consider video as an additional medium and see how it goes.

Mobile viewing of video will be up 35% as viewing on fixed (desktop/laptop) reaches its peak this year. That means that, as with all of your media content, you need to make sure your videos look great on smaller screens.

If you have a huge desktop screen that you create your videos on, size can be misleading, especially for text. So check everything on a mobile device, preferably a smartphone. If it doesn’t work there, you need to make changes.

“Online video gives brands the opportunity to use powerful digital technologies to engage with consumers as individuals, not demographics, in the sort of high-engagement environment that makes television advertising so effective for brand-building,” said Vittorio Bonori, Zenith’s Global Brand President. “Television and online video and television work well together as complements, the former offering reach and shared experiences, and the latter offering targeting and personalisation.”

My view is that choosing video should be balanced against results and against its suitability for the story or information you want to share.

And remember that a slideshow is still ‘a video’ and can bring you great engagement, so play around with formats and even ask your audience which they prefer.

I am also happy to share the view of someone who knows far more about video than me, Jane Danser of Pure Brand Media.

“Much of the issue with video is that it’s often thought of in isolation and not as part of an overall integrated marketing and PR plan. I often come across businesses who tell me “we tried video and it didn’t work” – but that’s almost always because either the video had no objective, was poorly executed or had no marketing plan,” Jane says.

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