What are Twitter Bookmarks and new sharing options?

Twitter has added a new function that allows users to save Tweets to read later – or share them

Twitter Bookmarks means that if you read a tweet and want to save it to read later it’s now even easier to do. Plus they’ve made it easier to share Tweets too!

If you have the latest update to the Twitter app, you will notice a new share button under each Tweet – alongside the comment,  retweet and like icons.

Click on it and you get to select one of three options: Send via Direct Message; Add Tweet to Bookmarks; and Share Tweet via…

This last option enables all the usual sharing options that you have enabled on your device, so  if you want to add a link to a particular Tweet to an email or text message, it’s now easier to do that.

For the Twitter Bookmarks, these are found in your profile options along with settings, Moments and Lists.

While I’m still really keen to see Twitter add an edit function, they have been making improvements to the social media platform over recent months, and this new one is pretty handy.


Steve Randall is a Media Consultant & Content Creator. He is the founder of media company Communication Generation; and co-founder of marketing firm GRANDESCO.


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