Tweets just got bigger (but Twitter needs to do more)

Twitter has increased the number of characters in a tweet but don’t get too excited, it’s not for everyone yet!

The social media platform has been under pressure to increase the 140 character limit for years and has already made changes to remove usernames in replies and images from the limit.

This week’s announcement means that, for a limited few, the character limit has been doubled to 280 characters.

It won’t be popular with everyone though,  as for many Twitter’s appeal is the brevity of content.

Twitter says most English tweets are just 34 characters but that 9% of tweets have 140 characters compared to 0.4% of those in Japanese due to the efficiency of that language.

This is part of the reason for the change; so that everyone, whatever their language, can express themselves without having to radically cut back on characters.

While promising that Twitter’s trademark super-short-form content isn’t going to change, there are a couple of things that many of us would welcome.

Firstly, excluding links from the 140-character limit. Much of what we use social media for is sharing and although you can ‘quote’ a tweet or share an image without it cutting in to your 140 limit, a long link will restrict your accompanying comment.

Secondly, please please please can we have an edit button?! There are times when you’ve tweeted and then want to add something or spot a mistake. Instead of having to delete and re-tweet a simple edit button would be welcome!


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