This classic parent trick is a marketing powerhouse

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when they start blogging or using social media is only ever promoting – but there’s a clever trick that parents use that will help you promote in a subtle way.

We live in an increasingly cynical world and although advertising still works, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are designed for sharing interesting media and creating engagement.

Yes, we might share or comment on those amazing Christmas ads every year, but generally advertising doesn’t achieve that.

But generations of parents have used a simple trick, that can help you with your online marketing – hiding the vegetables!

Let’s make this simple:

  • Kids are not keen on vegetables, but we want them to consume them;
  • Customers are not keen on promotional messages, but we want them to consume them!

Just as a parent will chop up vegetables and hide them in a child’s favourite ingredient, you can hide your marketing message in your blog post or social media.

How to hide the veg

This simple concept may be tough at first, especially if you are used to writing content for brochures or other materials with a direct promotional message.

Ironically, the key is more ‘carrot than stick’.

For this type of ‘non-promotional’ content to work, you need to be willing to give something away.

A parent may not want to make a pizza; it would be easier to give their child a tomato and some peppers; but if that isn’t working then hiding the veg is the way forward.

In the same way, you need to give your customers and potential customers – ‘your audience’ – things that they want in order to get them to consume your messages.

And those messages are there, just hidden within the treats!


Think it doesn’t work?

Oh, you sceptic! I can tell you that it does work… and I’ve just proved it.

You’ve read this blog post in which I’ve shared some valuable insights about what we call ‘content marketing’.

I haven’t sold you anything but I’ve ‘hidden the veg’ by showing you that I know what I’m doing.

Yes, you may go off and do it yourself, but if so then you’d probably have done that anyway.

But if you lack the time, the skills or the will to do that, then maybe you’ll give me a call 😉

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