The future of coffee shops?

If you hate waiting in line for your coffee then this may be good news for you!

I’m a fan of a coffee and I’m a fan of a coffee shop…once I’ve sat down with my drink (and probably cake). What I’m not a fan of is the often ridiculously long wait to get to that point!

My beverage of choice is a simple filter coffee… that’s right filter coffee! No latte, cappuccino, or skinny macchiato for me; just a simple filter coffee with a bit of milk.

So waiting 10 minutes for that while the ‘barista’ performs some kind of caffeine-fuelled dance routine to prepare drinks for the people in front of me is frustrating to say the least!

I don’t want to see people lose their jobs – and some coffee shop employees do actually have a personality – but I do like the idea of a robot that can dish out 3 drinks in just 40 seconds!

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