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Remember when these were the top websites

The internet is at the centre of so much of what we do… but remember when it was all new?

I randomly thought about Myspace today. Back in the day (2003) it was the hot new kid on the block, the must-have social media site.

Of course it was almost in a league of its own. Facebook didn’t launch until 2004; Twitter 2006; and Instagram didn’t arrive until 2010.

Myspace was cool and for those that wanted it even cooler, you could ‘pimp’ your  profile with various add-ons. In fact the site was so cool that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation paid an eye-watering $580 million for it in 2005.

By 2011, interest in Myspace had slumped and it was sold to singer Justin Timberlake and a business partner for a ‘bargain’ $35 million.

Today, it’s still around and focuses mostly on music artists and entertainment. Myspace stats show that more than 13,000 songs are uploaded to it daily and it offers occasional free online concerts called The Secret Show.

Search like you did in the old days

For most of us, searching online is dominated by Google. Yes, Microsoft’s Bing is trying to get a foothold but Google is top dog.

Google has been around since 1998 (having begun as a project 2 years earlier called BackRub!)  but those of us using the internet before then were familiar with some other giants of search: Lycos, Altavista, InfoSeek, Ask Jeeves and Webcrawler.

Checking on what they are doing now (yes I have time on my hands today): is still a standalone search engine under its own name as is

Altavista links to the search engine of;

Ask Jeeves is now simply; links to Disney!

What about other favourites?

Then there were regional favourites such as Friends Reunited, which had been around in the UK since 2000 and was shut down in 2016 with few of us even noticing.

It was a popular site that was mostly used to check up on old school friends or partners in the hope that their lives had not turned out to be better than ours!

Video store Blockbuster is still online; the dot com links to the American business Dish which offers a streaming video service. The site is registered to the same company but isn’t in use.

UK retailing legends Woolworths have gone from the High Street and their former website now links to online retailer Very.

Then there are those UK websites which I am pretty sure never were, because the retailers had gone before the internet became popular or before websites were a key business asset: is registered but not used. is for sale. is available to register. is for sale. is available to register. is up and running as the brand was revived in 2012 by Costcutter. is still ‘Our Price Records’ but lists offers from other retailers. is ‘coming back in 2017’ according to the website.

and what may have been the domain of carpet and furniture retailer Queensway ( belongs to a dentist in the North East!


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