LinkedIn messages might be about to get silly

If you thought LinkedIn was a place for serious business conversation, this may shock you

LinkedIn has announced that it is making it easier for users to add GIFs (you know, those -um – hilarious rapidly-moving images) to messaging on the platform over the coming weeks.



Because it’s how the “next generation of professionals” like to communicate, LinkedIn says, pointing out that using GIFs and emojis is “second nature and a universal language” for younger professionals.

Now, I stress that this is for messaging rather than for posts – at least at the moment – but what’s the betting they will be allowed for posts too, especially as LinkedIn’s announcement says: “Stay tuned as we’ll be adding even more ways for you to have visual conversations on LinkedIn.”

Now I don’t have any issue with this at all… how people communicate reflects how they want to be viewed, and things like GIFs can be fun.

But we can all look forward to those of use who are not the “next generation of professionals” getting it spectacularly wrong!



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