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LinkedIn launches free tool for B2B websites

If you run a B2B business and want to know more about professionals who visit your website, LinkedIn just made that easier.

Its new Website Demographics tool is free and provides valuable data on those that are responding to your activity on LinkedIn.

Website Demographics helps marketers understand the professional traits of their website visitors by letting them filter by 8 individual professional dimensions, including: Job title, Industry, Job seniority, Job function, Company, Company size, Location and Country.

You can set up particular pages on your website for the tool to monitor, so if you are targeting a particular type of customer with a specific page then it’s easy to see how that’s working out for you!

The other way round, you can spot trends such as a specific type of customer visiting certain pages. That could highlight areas that certain demographics are interested in.

Adding the tool to your website should be relatively straightforward – it’s just a bit of code that you or your webmaster can implement. Monitoring is then done via the Campaign Manager (advertising) section of your LinkedIn account.

Watch the video below for more details:

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