Jamie Oliver’s recipe for tasty media content

Jamie Oliver, TV chef, restaurateur, and hater of Turkey Twizzlers.

But behind it all is a savvy understanding of using media and content marketing to drive his ultimate goal.

Yes, of course he’s running a multi-million-pound business but Jamie says that his ambition is to end childhood obesity; and media content is vital to that aim.

While TV shows give him the mass exposure, Jamie’s main content outlet is publishing.

As well as his website JamieOliver.com, he also has Jamie Magazine, several YouTube channels, a recipe app, and a TV production company.

Reaching a global online audience

Online content is abundant on Jamie’s website – over 1,000 recipes, as well as forums, news stories, blogs and videos – and he says that it enables him to reach a global audience with a constant conversation.

The site attracts more than 10 million unique users and 28 million page views each month and has a stated aim of becoming the world’s number one good food website.

On social media, Jamie has millions of followers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. He also has 300,000 email newsletter subscribers.

But books are still a massive part of his content creation with published titles well into double figures.

“Technically an iPad and content is much better for the public at large. We can give you the layers of the onion of content much more [that way] than a bit of paper,” Jamie told The Lifestyle News Hound podcast.

Short tutorials and tips, together with information about ingredients, is available at the touch of a button online, he added.

However, when it comes to recipes, Jamie says that a physical book is still favoured by the public, adding that he is involved in every aspect of each book down to the paper it’s printed on.

Involving the whole team

Jamie says that he hates putting people in silos and believes that everyone has creative input to give.

He refers to his team, which includes admin staff and lawyers, as “all storytellers” and says that it’s important that all of them know why they are working for him, whatever their job title.

“When anyone asks you what you do for Jamie Oliver you have to say ‘Our job is to reduce childhood obesity by 50% by 2030’” Jamie told podcast hosts Emma Forbes and Gemma Shepherd.

The Jamie Oliver team recently moved into new offices which were designed to enable creation and sharing of content.

Listen to your audience

When writing a new book, Jamie says that listening to his audience is the key.

He takes on board feedback and interests from his social media following and people he meets, to ‘tune in’ to what people want. That’s how he manages to publish books that fit how the demands of life at the time.

An example is his recently published 5 Ingredients book which keeps recipes simple by using fewer ingredients – perfect for out increasingly busy lives.

My 5 ingredients for content marketing

Inspired by Jamie’s book, here are my 5 essential ingredients to get you cooking with your content marketing.

  1. Identify your goal – Just like Jamie Oliver you need to know what your end goal is so that your content works towards that.
  2. Know your audience – Think about your current client base and spot common themes. Create their profile (or that of the customer you are trying to attact).
  3. Serve their needs – Listen to your audience and understand what they need. This is about providing valuable content for others, not a hard sell promotion of what you do.
  4. Promote it well – Use social media, your website, press releases, media interviews… anything that gets your content to a wider audience.
  5. Be consistent – Don’t publish one piece of content and then nothing for months. Keep it coming (which is a lot easier if you plan it out in advance).

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