Why switch to a secure SSL website

If you’re an observant kind of person or security conscious, you may have noticed that this site has a green padlock next to the address – and https at the start of that address?

That’s because I have upgraded my site to Secure Socket Layer (or SSL).

What does that mean?

Essentially, SSL provides a secure connection between your web browser and this website – so that any data shared between them is encrypted to prevent unauthorised access from third parties.

Generally, I don’t handle sensitive data from visitors to the site but the added SSL means that even when you send my an email through the contact form your data is protected.

But there’s another benefit from a content point of view

Savvy web users – especially those that shop online or use internet banking – know that a site with a green padlock and https address is more secure- and that does a few things:

  • If you do handle sensitive data it adds protection
  • For all users it shows that you take their privacy seriously
  • It shows additional professionalism
  • It can have some benefits for search engine rankings

Update Feb 2018: Google has announced that it will start marking sites using standard http rather than https as ‘not secure’ from this July.  It will initially affect the new Chrome 68 browser, Engadget reports.

As cybersecurity and privacy become increasingly important for users, the low cost of adding SSL is a no-brainer.

Check with your hosting company or web designer for more details.

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