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Instagram just improved live video

Live video has been gaining lots of interest in the last year or so and today Instagram announced that it was making an improvement to its capabilities.

If you use Instagram’s live video feature you will now be able to add a recording to your Instagram Stories feed for 24 hours, meaning that those who were not able to join you live can catch up for a limited time afterwards. You can of course choose to discard the live video instead.

Your followers will also be able to catch up with likes and shares from the original live broadcast.

Why would you use Instagram live though?

For your business or organisation, the uses of live video – Instagram or otherwise – are down to your imagination but here’s a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Launch a new product or service – create a buzz around your new offering by pre-promoting it and then covering the event live (plus share the recording)
  • Live stream a tutorial – people love ‘how-to’ videos and if you are confident, why not do it live. This could be even better if you respond to viewers’ questions during the video.

Not sure how to use Instagram Stories or its live video function? Click here.



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