Google says goodbye to AdWords

It’s one of the most used online marketing tools but after nearly 18 years Google AdWords is getting a makeover.

Google announced this week that because so much has changed in the online marketing and advertising world over the past two decades, it’s time for the company to simplify its product range.

So, Google AdWords – the tool that lets you target people that are searching for what you do (by defining your businesses keywords) is becoming simply Google Ads.

But this is more than just a new name.

Google says that the new ‘Ads’ will cover the full range of advertising capabilities it offers, from search on Google to its other platforms inluding YouTube, Google Maps and Google Play; and also  partner sites and apps.

New option for small businesses

As part of the new Google Ads, there is a new option for small businesses called Smart. These campaigns are the default ad experience and use artificial intelligence to help you create an ad faster and easier.

Smart will help you define your goal, typically getting more calls, visit your premises, or make a purchase.

It will also (later this year) give you an easy way to pick images for your ads.

Smart campaigns will launch globally by the end of 2018.


What do I need to do?

If you are already using Google AdWords then you will notice a few cosmetic changes including the name in the short term. Longer term, you should find it easier to use Google’s advertising options to achieve your goals. Remember, their goal is to make it as easy as they can for you to spend money with them!

Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads

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