If you run a Facebook Page, you need to know this

Facebook has announced another important change for its ‘Pages’ users

As part of its crackdown on fake news and dodgy advertisers, Facebook says that Pages with “large” followings will need to be verified or will not be allowed to post.

True to form among tech firms, Facebook has not specified exactly what constitutes a “large” Page but common sense would suggest those with only a few hundred followers would not be included but those with thousands could (even if not immediately) be asked to verify their identity.

The changes also apply to Instagram.

Using a fake account as you Page admin – don’t!

I know many companies use a fake account as the main admin for their Facebook Page, often to enable multiple employees to post there without giving them their own access.

If that’s how you run your FB Page – stop it now!

The verification process will involve providing official proof of identity and – importantly – Facebook says that the process will “make it much harder for people to administer a Page using a fake account, which is strictly against our policies.”

That’s not the first time Facebook has made that point in one of its recent announcements. It suggests that it will take action against those who are using fake admin accounts.

Instead of using a fake account, owners should ensure that their personal Facebook account is an admin, and other key staff members are added as Editors or Moderators. These are roles that allow posting on the page and certain other functions, but are not full admins.

To find these settings, go to your page, then settings, and Page Roles. The functions available for each role are explained.

If someone leaves your firm or you want to end their access to the page, this can be easily done by an admin.

Other changes affecting Facebook Pages

Facebook has also announced that users will soon be able to see all the ads that a Facebook Page is running and whether the page has changed its name.

These measures are part of the crackdown on fake political ads that have been in the news recently.


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