How does Facebook News Feed work?

More than a billion people are active on Facebook and billions of stories and status updates every day – so how does Facebook decide what to show your customers?

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook’s News Feed (the bit you see when you look at the app or site) doesn’t just show you everything that’s published.

A complicated and ever-changing set of policies, collectively known as an algorithm, prioritise content with the aim to only show you the best stuff.

That’s why you might not always see someone’s status update and why brands and businesses with a Facebook Page don’t always get the engagement they would like.

So what should my business page contain?

There are three key principles that Facebook recommends for publishers – and that includes your business page – so make sure your content is:

  1. Meaningful and informative – focus on what you do best and that will help you to create and share content that those who are following your page will welcome.
  2. Accurate and authentic – no clickbait, no links to low-quality content, and nothing misleading. 
  3. Safe and respectful – it’s unlikely you will be posting content that includes nudity, bullying or other topics that Facebook doesn’t tolerate.

To better understand the way Facebook’s ranking of content works, here’s a handy video; and if you need help with your content creation, social media, podcasting, etc – contact me to discuss how I can help.


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