Facebook just keeps on growing, can you ignore it?

Facebook has announced that it now has 2 billion users every month, a staggering figure of almost a third of the world’s population!

Every day, over 800 million people like something on Facebook. But are they liking your Facebook content? Are you using all the features that it has to offer?

It has grown to include live and recorded video, groups and e-commerce capabilities. Plus it can be a great way to grow your audience.

I didn’t always like Facebook much, preferring Twitter as my social media channel of choice. I almost by-passed it in favour of Instagram, which seems to have a more obvious purpose – sharing images and videos.

I still used Facebook and added content to my page but I wasn’t really using it. But then something changed.

When I launched my paranormal podcast FREAKED OUT! I realised that I would need to build an audience from scratch because my existing online following was mainly media and content creation based.

So I set up a new Facebook page for the podcast and began to build an audience with a small investment in Facebook advertising. And I do mean a small investment – my total budget was less than £40 and gained around 450 ‘likes’ to the brand new page.

That may not be a huge number but they are all the right kind of people; they were targeted by my ads because they were interested in the paranormal or psychics or ghosts – and they are mostly women because they tend to be more interested in the subject matter.

The advantage I now have from building an engaged audience is that I can keep in contact with via the page, letting them know about new episodes and canvasing questions for the next series of shows.

The next step is to get them to subscribe to an email list which rather than only having them as likes on the page.

The process of gaining a brand new audience was a simple one, an inexpensive one, and a success.

So, if you have been ignoring Facebook like I did; or perhaps you are launching a new service or product, then give Facebook ads a try … hopefully you will also see results.



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