Why email is still king of digital communication

Ignore those who say email is dead – it’s a long way from that!

Every so often there are reports around suggesting that our love affair with email is coming to an end. It’s not.

Yes there are other ways to communicate and some of them offer up a range of bells and whistles that make them exciting – for about 5 minutes!

But we always come back to email.

The first proper email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 and when the internet started becoming a thing in the 90s, email was one of the things that amazed us most. Being able to send someone a message, even attach a file, in almost real time.

As we head into 2018, we may have lost the sense of amazement but the usefulness and convenience of email lives on.

Email is how your customers want to hear from you

A new survey confirms the continued importance of email.

SendGrid found that 74% of respondents named email as their preferred communication method for companies or brands to interact with them.

Think about that for a minute.

We all spend hours on social media, we post, we tweet, we text, some people even phone – but email wins.

“Our study found that email is alive and well. It is the system of record for our digital lives and one of the strongest forms of customer engagement because it opens a direct line of communication between businesses and consumers at a relatively low cost,” said¬†Scott Heimes, Chief Marketing Officer of SendGrid. “In fact, the median return on investment for email marketing is nearly five times greater than for social media marketing, according to eMarketer.”

What about the younger generation?

Hold on a minute though. Perhaps your customers are the tech-native teens known as Generation Z. Surely they don’t use email.

They do.

The survey reveals that 85% of Gen Z use email at least once a month, not far behind Millennials (89%) and even the old-timers of Generation X like me (92%).

In other words…

If you want to keep in touch with your customers, then email is the way to do it. Of course you should be using social media but one of your goals should be to sign people up to your email list.

Not only is it the way your audience want you to communicate with them, it’s also so incredibly versatile!

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