Email isn’t dead but internal comms can be better

Email is here for a while yet but it may not be your best internal communications tool.

A new study by Robert Half Technology reveals that most (73%) of those responsible for IT and 53% of office workers say that email will remain the top way to communicate over the next three years.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way to communicate, with a third of workers preferring in-person meetings compared to 27% picking email.

A fifth say messaging apps are the best option and this is also gaining favour among IT decision makers.

Better options for sharing news

The study focuses on those everyday, back-and-forth communications that we all use and email wins that battle for me for its ease of use and its universal nature.

But what about using better platforms for those ’round robin’ communications.

Despite working in media companies for most of my adult life, few have adopted techniques from within the industry to improve internal communications.

When you have new policy to announce, news to share, or something to clarify, why do it in email when an internal news site, video, podcasts, or a mix of media could be more effective?

Your team spend hours a week on Facebook, so how about a closed group where you can share important updates with employees viewing them in their Facebook app.

Get creative with training and explaining

We’ve all received long emails, the equivalent of multiple pages of A4, explaining a new procedure or policy. Using a password or domain-locked website with rich media such as video, images, slides and audio would be far more effective.

Podcasts are a great way to train and explain. Your team can listen while they do other things including driving – perfect if you have a highly mobile workforce. Where necessary the audio can be complemented by other media.

These are just a few ideas for improving internal communications using the principles of the media industry.

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