Dare to be different and stand out from the crowd

How boring would the world be if we were all the same?

Even those of us who like a routine also enjoy it when things are different.

The worlds of media and marketing are full of creativity and innovation and yet they’re also prone to lack imagination.

Too often they follow the trend, which leads to the trend becoming stronger, and so to more following it!

That’s why we don’t just see one TV show about a certain subject, we see lots at once!

Content marketing also likes to follow the trend and while that can be the right thing to do, there are times when shaking things up a bit is a better idea.

Right now, video is flying. All the data and the experts say that video should be at the centre of your content marketing strategy.

I have said countless times that you should do what works for you but there’s also something else to consider.

Standing out from the crowd is powerful

We notice difference. Often, this is a negative thing in society but it also has a real power that can help your content stand out.

In a sea of video, something else could break the monotony and generate some interest.

It could be that you decide to create a podcast to supplement existing content, perhaps to focus on a particular topic.

Or it could be that you create a physical magazine to send to clients, or even just send them a letter.

I was interested to read a survey of millennials which showed that 81% would feel more excited if they received a parcel from someone they know rather than text or social media message.

Three quarters of respondents said that a physical form of communication shows that you care more about that person.

There are many ways that you can be different with your media creation and content marketing so instead of always following the trend or doing what you always do, why not try something new and see how your audience responds.


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