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Christmas ads – it’s all about the story

John Lewis might be the ‘big one’ but the best Christmas ads are always about stories

We have a weird relationship with Christmas advertising. We anticipate (some of) them with almost as much excitement as Christmas itself.

They have become embedded in the build up to Christmas and for many they are a key part of getting that festive feeling.

John Lewis is the one we all reference but the anticipation of Christmas ads goes back years. I remember watching the epic Woolworth’s adverts of the past, packed full of the big stars of the day (Anita Harris?!) and of course, gift ideas, many of which would end up on one of the many drafts of my Christmas list!

These days, most of the ads we cherish do not show many (if any) products at all. They are all about the story.

That’s very appropriate as Christmas is all about stories; the religious one, the Santa one, the drink-embellished ones your dad tells while you’re eating your turkey!

The success of Christmas ads shows how powerful a story can be in driving awareness of your business or personal brand. It’s not about the products, it’s about the story and the emotions that can stir.

Here are some of the latest Christmas ads for 2017:

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