Your content marketing should always focus on your audience - your customers usually. But there is a place for including your business' news and achievements - and to help you be more visible to journalists.

MMB Podcast 23 – Creating an online newsroom

Live video has been gaining lots of interest in the last year or so and today Instagram announced that it was making an improvement to its capabilities.

Instagram just improved live video

You've done the hard work in creating media content so why not use it more than once! Steve Randall has tips and ideas for republishing old content or giving it a new life in a different medium.

MMB Podcast 22 – Recycle & repeat your content

How valuable is your business or personal brand? Are you a thought leader? In this episode, Steve Randall delves into 2 new studies which reveal interesting and useful insights to help you achieve better results with your content marketing.

MMB Podcast 21: Brand value & thought leadership