Should you get a mobile app?

The fast-evolving world of mobile usage is frequently revealing some interesting changes and new research suggests a shift in out use of apps.

While at one time the availability of apps was part of the decision process for choosing a mobile – and why Windows Phone never really took off – it seems that to some degree their usage may have peaked.

For businesses, the idea of having your own app can seem attractive. In theory if you can get people to download a platform that is all about your business then that should mean growth right?

Er, not necessarily. A new report from Adobe shows that the rate of installing apps is down along with their usage.

In the Western Europe there was a 5 per cent drop in app installs in the period 2014-2016 while app usage (apps opened) increased by just 4 per cent.

However, in the US, there has been a 38 per cent drop in installs and a drop of 28 per cent in usage.

While the report highlights that apps can work well, they need to provide a user experience strong enough to keep people using them – and not uninstalling!

For most small and medium businesses, I would suggest that rather than investing time and money into an app, you would be better off ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile usage and that your social media channel(s) are used well.

And remember – that includes providing great media content to meet your audience’s needs.