About Steve Randall

Steve Randall is a content creator and media coach based in Hampshire, UK.

He is a radio presenter, podcaster, writer, speaker and event host; and he also helps businesses and organisations with media creation and content marketing.

Media Coach

Steve can help your business or organization to use media to grow an audience who will ideally become your best customers.

Steve’s company – Communication Generation – helps businesses and other organisations to use the power of media creation and marketing.

Steve says the business’ name was inspired by the growth of media from being an industry to a way of life:

“We are the ‘communication generation’ with better tools & platforms to communicate than we have ever had before. But without guidance, this opportunity can also create big challenges for small businesses.”

Steve’s coaching services include one-to-one and team training sessions on topics such as:

  • Content creation – blogging, podcasting, video, etc;
  • Social media – the best platforms for your business and how to use them;
  • Audience building – identifying and engaging with your target market;
  • Content marketing – why using media content as part of your marketing strategy can grow your business;
  • Media engagement – how to tell your story through ‘traditional’ media.

Steve shares strategies and tips on his weekly podcast and website: Media Mean Business


Steve is a professional radio presenter with 30 years’ experience of building audiences on commercial radio across the UK.

He is regularly heard on JACK fm Berkshire (Saturdays 2-6pm) and often fills in for other presenters on Spire FM in Salisbury.

He has previously been heard on Metro Radio, TFM, FOX, Ocean, Power, Andover Sound, Century London, The Breeze and more.


Steve Randall is a podcaster, hosting shows for business and consumer audiences.

He is also available to present podcasts for others or to contribute content.

His main podcast currently is Media Means Business which is available on iTunes, Spreaker and on the Media Means Business website.

Details of new shows will be appearing here soon.


Steve is a professional event host equally at home  at corporate, civic and private events.

He is an accomplished public speaker and is available for networking and other business events to speak on the subjects of media and content creation.